Travelling at Night

Make sure you know where you’re going, and how to get back after a night out.

It’s late, you’re still at the Library (or Union!). You decide to call it a night, and to go back for a nice sleep before your 9am lecture the following morning. How do you get home?

Night Tube

On Fridays and Saturdays, parts of the underground run all night. This is limited though, and currently only the Central line will be of any real use when living at Wilson. The closest Central line stations are Marble Arch and Lancaster Gate. See the night tube routes here.

If the night tube doesn’t run where you want to be, you’ll have to resort to other methods (and same if you’re going out on a weekday).

From South Kensington

The park gets locked on an evening, at sunset. You’ll get chased out by a man in a van with a megaphone; the road is open later, but we wouldn’t recommend walking along it at night – at points there is no path without going in to the park itself.

The 414 from outside South Kensington station stops on Edgware Road, just next to Sussex Gardens. This isn’t a night bus.

If the 414 isn’t running you can either:

N97 from South Kensington to Hyde Park Corner and then N16, 36 or 6 from Hyde Park Corner to Edgware Road.

Or, from Church Street (High Street Kensington) the 27 goes to Paddington.

From Central London

Take your pick. Lots of buses will get you back – you’re looking for “Edgware Road” or “Marble Arch”. 159, 23, 6, N98, N7 all come from Central London, the first 3 pick up from Trafalgar Square (which, if you’re anywhere else in London, you can pretty much get a bus to…)