Hall Seniors are students who have already lived in Imperial halls, chosen by the wardening team to carry out various roles to keep the hall going and are here to make you feel welcome.

19 Hall Seniors live throughout the hall and will be around to help you settle in to Halls and Imperial life. Meet the 2023/24 team below!


Hi, my name is Emily and I am a 2nd year Biochemistry student from London. Congratulations on getting into Imperial and welcome to Wilson.

I love watching TV shows and running cross country. I am also part fo the Ultimate Frisbee Society so feel free to ask me any questions surrounding that.

London is a fantastic place to live and explore, while the busy atmosphere will keep you occupied for sure! 🙂


Hi! I’m Kathleen and I’m going into my final year of Biochemistry. I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia but moved to London for uni (finally went home this summer after 3 years!).

I stayed in Notting Hill and Paddington during all my years at Imperial, and I definitely prefer this side of Hyde Park. There’s tons of delicious brunch spots, chill cafés and Too Good to Go pick up spots (look it up if you’ve never heard of this app – saves so much money and good food from going to waste. Sushi Shop in Marylebone is just a 15-minute walk!).

In my downtime I love training in hip-hop with Funkology, resistance training and reading dystopian novels (big Sarah J. Maas fan). I’m excited to explore more of what London has to offer – and there’s plenty!


Hello all! Welcome to Imperial! I am Antonia, a fourth year Chemical Engineering student from Romania.

Outside my studies, I like learning new things and trying out new dishes (especially desserts). I am also a fan of jogs and eating healthily (exceptions can be made 😊).

I am excited to live in halls for another year and meet you all! This will be my first year living in Wilson, as I have lived in Woodward Halls before. It is a great location in London, so I hope you will enjoy uni! If you need anything, please get in touch.


Hi everyone, I am Matthew, a 3rd year undergrad and resident at Wilson. My interests include; Chemistry and Nanomaterials. Apart from academics, I also enjoy swimming and bodybuilding. Do call me if you want to go for a training session or a hike. I look forward to seeing you during Freshers 😗😉


Hi everyone! Congratulations on getting into Imperial and, of course, on securing a place at Wilson House!

My name is Stefaniia (you can call me Stef 🙂 ) and I am a second year chemistry student. I am originally from Russia but have spend most of my life in Cyprus.
In my free time, I enjoy exploring London while listening to a good podcast or music.

If you’ve got any questions about living in Wilson, studying at Imperial, or anything else feel free to talk to me. I hope you enjoy your time in Wilson!


Hi everyone, welcome to Imperial and Wilson House! I’m Chan, and I’m a second year Biological Sciences student. I stayed in Wilson last year as a fresher, and I’m returning as a hall senior this year. I’m originally from China, but I’ve been living in Australia since a young age, and moved to London for university. Outside of my studies, I love art, music (I play the piano!), and food.
Feel free to talk to me about anything – I want to try my best to support you and make sure you have a great time at Wilson. I look forward to meeting all of you! :))


Hi everyone! Congrats on getting into the best hall at Imperial! My name is Adam, I’m a third year aeronautical engineering student and I’m a hall senior this year in house 74.

Feel free to knock on my door and say hi or drop me a message if you wanna have a chat, need advice or want someone to go climbing with! I’ve been living in London most of my life so I’m more than happy to share some advice on fun stuff to do too.

Looking forward to seeing you all around soon!


“Hi everyone, I’m Samin, a third-year Molecular Bioengineering student, and I’m excited to welcome you all to Wilson House! In my free time, I love experimenting with food. I also love filmmaking so you may often find me with a camera making content for my YouTube channel. I specialize in making student lifestyle vlogs so if you’re interested in catching a glimpse of how your life at Imperial may be, head over to the following link:

Feel free to reach out to me anytime. Whether you want to discuss last night’s Premier League game or need some pointers settling in, I’m always all ears! Hope to see you all soon 😃”


Hi there, congratulations on making it to Imperial and welcome to Wilson house! My name is Victor and I am a Biochemistry student from Hong Kong. I was in Southside halls during my first year and have now moved to Wilson for my second year. Paddington is a great area, being relatively close to campus and has plenty of restaurants to choose from!

I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee, swimming and watching movies in my free time. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions! 🙂


Hi! I’m Zétény (pronounce: Zeːteːɲ), a 4th year Physics student from rural Hungary.

Apart of Physics, I love rocketry, fabricating machines, poetry, history, geography, and good Hungarian wines.

I am an amateur astronomer, and member of the Hungarian Astronomical Association.

Don’t stress, most of the times situations can be fixed. Feel free tod rop me your questions!


Hey all! My names Mia and I’m a second year Chemical Engineering student from Cambridge. I’m a big music nerd, having gone to over 20 gigs and music festivals over the last academic year and doing a bit of writing for the music section of The Felix (the Imperial newspaper) on the side. I’m always up for a chat about music and venues in London. The Gate is my favorite – and not expensive – cinema, which is just a 30min walk away, or quicker on the tube! They show international films, re-runs of old movies and whatever has just been released, so if you ever want someone to join you on a cinema trip just ask – if I’m free then I’ll definitely be up for it 🙂 Feel free to drop me a message or knock on my door at any time if you want to talk about anything, and I hope you enjoy the coming year at Wilson just as much as I have.


Hello, all! A warm welcome to Imperial College and Wilson House. I’m Angie Tsai, a second-year student studying biomedical engineering. It’s also my first year in Wilson, and I’m excited with discovering a new environment with all of you. During my leisure time, I enjoy listening to K-pop music and watching anime. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. I’m looking forward to meeting each and every one of you!


Hello everyone! Welcome to Wilson & to Imperial! My name is Patrick, a proud northerner who’s found himself in London for the last two years. I’m a Civil Engineering student so if you ever want to chat about concrete, steel or bridges then hit me up. I’m also a runner so you’ll often find me pacing around Hyde Park, fixating on Strava or complaining about being chronically injured. The jump to university is tough and there will be plenty of ups and downs, so if you ever want advice drop me a message. My door’s always open.


Hello there! Welcome to Wilson. My name is Basit and I am currently studying Mechanical Engineering. I hope you thoroughly enjoy your time here at Wilson, at Imperial and in Londom at large if you’re new here. There’s lots of fun to had and great memories to be made and work to be done.

The transition to university, living on your own or moving to a big city can be somewhat daunting and takes some getting used to; fear not however, as time passes you will figure it all out!
If you ever need any advice from study tips to making deals with satan please do not hesiatate speak to me: I am always up for a chit-chat especially if it involves bestowing my infinite wisdom upon others.
I’m an avid theatre goer and performer being an active member of both the DramSoc and Musical Theatre society. I enjoy exploring different genres of music and hiking. I have a wide range of interests and like reading about everything from literature to philosophy, psychology, and health among other pursuits.

If you ever need someone to hang with, need some advice or just want to talk, feel free to drop by my room or send me a message!


Hi everyone, and welcome to Wilson! I’m Lewis and currently a 3rd year Aeronautical Engineering student. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, going to the gym, hiking and exploring London. I’ve also started skiing over summer at the Tamworth snowdome, and hope to tackle some real slopes with the Snowsport society this year! I have lived in Woodward previously, and this is my first year in Wilson; really excited to live in such a great location! If you have any questions about Imperial, London or anything else, feel free to drop a message on Teams 😃.


Hello everyone! Welcome to Imperial and Wilson House! My name is Alex and I am a third year Computing student.

I lived in Wilson House my first year and had a great time, so I hope we can help you have a wonderful first year too!

In my free time, I enjoy cycling around London, running and rock climbing.

Recently I have also started doing Hackathons and Datathons so feel free to knock  on my door or message me on WhatsApp to chat to me about that  – or anything else 🙂

Looking forward to meeting all of you this Autumn!


Hi everyone! Gonza here, a Y3 Aeronautical Engineering student. I’m originally from Argentina but grew up in Scotland (yes, very strange combo!). Please come to me if you have any questions, literally about anything: academics, life, philosophy, money (if it’s crypto, better then), Imperial or whatever it might be. Looking forward to meeting you all!


Hi everyone and welcome to Imperial! I’m Atharv, and I’m a 3rd year bioengineering student. I enjoy football, piano, and exploring new cuisines. Feel free to reach out – quite excited to meet you all at Wilson!


Hello everyone! My name’s Kiryl and I’m a fourth-year aeronautics student. I hope y’all enjoy your time here at Wilson and make the most of everything about it, from the location it’s in, to the friends you will make. 

My interests include music, films, walking around London, tennis, piano and many more. If you’ve got any questions about any venues in London for music, clubbing or anything else just ask! 

I look forward to meeting all of you guys and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to me if you see me around Wilson. University life is a big change so if you need help with anything just drop by my room or send me a message