Hall Seniors are students who have already lived in Imperial halls, chosen by the wardening team to carry out various roles to keep the hall going and are here to make you feel welcome.

20 Hall Seniors live throughout the hall and will be around to help you settle in to Halls and Imperial life. Meet the 2022/23 team below!


Hi everyone! Congratulations on getting into Imperial and, of course, on securing a place at Wilson House! My name is Amelia, and I am a half British/half Greek postgraduate student that is currently undertaking an MSc in Molecular Biology and Pathology of Viruses.                                         

Music is undeniably one of my biggest passions, and I tend to spend quite a few hours in the music room during the week. Cooking Mediterranean food and exploring new flavours is another guilty pleasure of mine, but nevertheless, the most likely scenario is that you’ll end up finding me in the kitchen eating berries with some Greek yogurt (and by some, don’t get me wrong, I mean A LOT).

This academic year is going to be my fourth year at Imperial, and my third year in Wilson House. Living here for the first two years of my undergraduate studies was such a blast, that made me come back! My team and I cannot wait to meet you all, and we are super excited to not only welcome you to your new home, but also introduce you to what student life in London is really like. See you soon 😊!


Hello everyone! Welcome to Imperial and Wilson House! My name is Vinuk and I am a third year Materials Science and Engineering student from Sri Lanka. I was at Wilson House last year and enjoyed my time here even though we had many restrictions due to the pandemic. I enjoy playing sports especially cricket and squash, listening to music and recently started following Formula 1. If you ever need help or have any questions on university life, feel free to knock on my door anytime. Looking forward to meeting you all soon.


Hello all! Welcome to Imperial! I am Antonia, a third year Chemical Engineering student from Romania.

Outside my studies, I like learning new things and trying out new dishes (especially desserts). I am also a fan of jogs and eating healthily (exceptions can be made 😊).

I am excited to live in halls for another year and meet you all! This will be my first year living in Wilson, as I have lived in Woodward Halls before. It is a great location in London, so I hope you will enjoy uni! If you need anything, please get in touch.


Hi, welcome to Imperial! My name is Advay and I’m a second-year mechanical engineering student from Glasgow. London really is a fantastic place, and you’ll never find yourself lost without anything to do. You’ll find me playing piano, cooking up meals , and complaining about my work ( do join me!)  . Everything can be a bit overwhelming when you first arrive, but I’m always here to speak to and offer advice or just hang out, feel free to knock on my door or send a message. Looking forward to meeting everyone soon!


Hello everyone! I am Dhruv Arora, a 2nd year Biomedical Engineering Student from India. I am love football, playing and watching it. I love Leeds United (there’s something really cool about supporting underdogs). I lived at Wilson last year as well so feel free to ask me about cool places in the area or in London. I am always down for a social night out or a lowkey night in so feel free to approach me no matter what you feel like doing. Looking forward to seeing y’all soon 😊.


Hi! Congrats on getting into Imperial College London. I’m Hattie, and I’m a second-year undergraduate in Biochemistry. I’m originally from the Reading area so say hi if that’s you too. I’m interested in all things biochemistry, so if you ever have any questions I’m available. In my free time, I enjoy a good book, museum, or day out.  I’m a member of the sci-fi and fantasy society. I hope you all have a good year a Wilson House!


Hello everyone! My name’s Kiryl and I’m a third-year aeronautics student. I hope y’all enjoy your time here at Wilson and make the most of everything about it, from the location it’s in, to the friends you will make. 

My interests include music, films, walking around London, tennis, piano and many more. If you’ve got any questions about any venues in London for music, clubbing or anything else just ask! 

I look forward to meeting all of you guys and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to me if you see me around Wilson. University life is a big change so if you need help with anything just drop by my room or send me a message 🙂. 


Hi everyone, congratulations on making it to Imperial! I’m Samin, a second year Molecular Bioengineering student, and I’m excited to welcome you all to Wilson House. Having spent my first year in an Undergraduate Hall, I instantly clicked with the vibes and the sense of community. Hence, I have decided to become a Hall Senior this year to help make your transition to university life as smooth as possible. 

In my free time, I love experimenting with food — you could say I’ve become a chef even before becoming an engineer! I also love filmmaking so you may often find me with a camera making content for my YouTube channel. I specialise in making student lifestyle vlogs so if you’re interested to catch a glimpse of how your life at Imperial may be, head over to the following link:

Feel free to reach out to me anytime. Whether you want to discuss last night’s Premier League game or need some pointers settling in, I’m always all ears! Hope to see you all soon 😃


Hi friend <3 I’m Kathleen and I’m currently completing my placement year to graduate with a Biochemistry with a Year in Research/Industry. I’m originally from Jakarta, Indonesia but moved to London for uni (and loving it here – not very ashamed to say that I haven’t gone back home since I arrived). 

I’d stayed in Notting Hill up ‘til this summer and I can surely say it’s my preferred side of Hyde Park – Paddington is no exception. There’s tons of delicious brunch spots, chill cafés and Too Good to Go pick up spots (look it up if you’ve never heard of this app – saves so much money and good food from going to waste. Sushi Shop in Marylebone is just a 15-minute walk!).

In my downtime I love to take class and dance for fun plus read dystopian novels (big Sarah J. Maas fan). Excited to live in Paddington with you guys and explore everything London has to offer (there’s A LOT)!


Hi, everyone! Congratulations for getting into Imperial! I’m looking forward to spend this year at Wilson with you- hopefully coronavirus won’t bother us anymore! 

I’m Zétény, a 3rd year Physics student from Hungary. There are a lot of things that interest me – so I’m usually available for any kind of conversation, not just about science or physics, but anything from poetry, philosophy, history, books or politics. 

In my spare time I usually listen to interviews, read the news, science fiction or science history books, but I love cooking as well. My hobby is amateur astronomy, I have my own telescope at home and every month I write a few popular science articles for a Hungarian astronomy website. 

Take care of you, see you soon!

Wei Qin

Hello everyone! Welcome to Wilson 🙂

I am Wei Qin and I’m a third year Medical Biosciences student. I am from Malaysia and like all other Malaysians, I have a great passion for food. I like cooking (although not so good at it) and trying out new recipes. I also do a little bit of climbing and dancing, but more often I will just be binge watching tv shows or sleeping. Looking forward to meet you all soon! 


Hi, I’m Yuqing, currently a fourth-year student studying Physics. I was at Wilson House during my first year and as a remote Hall Senior during covid, and I hope you’ll enjoy your Wilson experience as much as I did!

I’m originally from China, but I’ve spent most of my life in Thailand. I’ve also lived in the US and Switzerland during my undergrad degree, so talk to me if you’re interested in cross-cultural comparisons. Apart from that, I’m interested in cooking (I love Thai food, although ingredients are hard to source here), walking around Hyde Park or London in general, and almost anything science-related.

Feel free to knock on my door if you have any questions, I would love to answer them!


Hello everyone and welcome to Imperial. My name is Patrick and I am a second year Civil Engineering student. Although I’m new to Wilson this year, I’m always happy to help so if you have any questions about life at Imperial, do feel free to ask! In my spare time I enjoy listening to music and getting busy in the kitchen. I’m also a big fan of hiking & I love to travel.


Hi everyone! Congratulations on getting into Imperial College London. My name is Wang and I am a 2nd-year Biological Sciences student. Studying at Imperial College London was a life-changing decision, but also one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. You will learn so many things, meet different kinds of people and do activities that you never expected you to do!

As a Hall Senior, I want to make sure that freshers enjoy their time in the halls and if you need any advice about career development or university life, feel free to reach out to me.

Looking forward to warmly receiving you at Wilson House!


Hi, welcome to Wilson (and Imperial too!), I’m Ben, a fourth year Mech Eng student. I’m a car enthusiast and am usually found underneath some old rust bucket. I also saved my housemates from a hornet in first year with a hoover duct-taped to a pool cue. If you’ve got any questions about living in Wilson, studying at Imperial, or anything else, I’ve been here 2 years already so feel free to talk to me or message on Discord (bean_ #2750). I hope you enjoy your time in Wilson!


Hello everyone! Welcome to Imperial and Wilson House! My name is Alex and I am a second year Computing student.

I lived in Wilson House last year and had a great time, so I hope we can help you have a wonderful first year too!

In my free time, I enjoy cycling around London, running and rock climbing.

Recently I have also started doing Hackathons and Datathons so feel free to knock  on my door or message me on WhatsApp to chat to me about that  – or anything else 🙂

Looking forward to meeting all of you this Autumn!


Hi everyone, I am Matthew (Hexiao) a second year Materials Science and Engineering student. First and foremost, well done to you for making it into the college and a warm welcome to Wilson, I will endeavour to make your transition into college life as smooth as possible. As you can tell from my name, I am Chinese and I am certainly open to any juniors who wishes to practice or learn Mandarin. Apart from Mandarin, I am also conversationally fluent in French and Russian.

Apart from learning languages, I am also interested in Chemistry and Mathematics. Feel free to come have a speak with me if you are studying those courses and we can have a cross-pollination of the ideas. In my vacant time, I swim for Imperial and go to the gym on a weekly basis. Do let me know if you would like a gym/swimming partner during the academic year. Good luck to you for your studies in first year and don’t stress too much, I am sure that everything will fall into place the further you get into the academic year


Hi everyone and welcome to Imperial! I’m Atharv, and I’m a 2nd year bioengineering student. I enjoy football, piano, and exploring new cuisines. Feel free to reach out – quite excited to meet you all at Wilson!


Hey Wilsoners! You are officially part of the Wilson family! II’m Yas and I’m a 3rd year Chemistry student born and raised in London, so if you have any questions about London, I’m more than happy to help! I row for Imperial as well as play football for Hammersmith FC and skate for the London speed skaters team- yep, I am sporty spice! If you have any questions at all, please come and find me. To quote friends ‘I’ll be there for you!!’