Make arriving at Wilson simple by registering before you get here!

Visit eWilson to register

After receiving an offer to live in Wilson, you will have to accept the offer within 4 days with the Accommodation Service. The Wardening Team who run the Hall are separate to this team, and we’re unlikely to be able to help with issues before this point. Once you’ve reserved your place in halls, you can start getting ready for the next steps…

Note: The Accommodation Service/Campus Services have their own registration process too. We don’t have anything to do with that and don’t need the arrivals form that they provide. That is for halls that don’t register residents digitally before they arrive. We provide our own arrivals form at the end of our own registration process. The Accommodation Service would still like you to complete their e-induction quiz though.

Visit Accommodation website

Registering on eWilson

After accepting your offer you will be able to register with the Wardening Team at Wilson House. Note that this is different to the ‘e-induction’ offered by the Accommodation Service. You need to complete our registration before you can receive your keys.

The process will include updating your Emergency Contact Information and accepting the Hall Rules. You will also be issued an Information Card to bring with you with directions to the Hall and a stamp for your Health Centre Registration.

In order to register you will need:Your College Username and Password (probably your initials followed by 18 or 19). A headshot photo (similar/the same as your College ID card photo)

You may also need your CID Number (College ID Number – probably starting 016 or 017) if we’ve been unable to join your College records automatically.

You must print out and bring your Information Card with you on Move-In day

Visit eWilson to register

Health Centre Registration

It is a requirement of your stay in Halls that you are registered with a local doctor. If you are not from around London, it is suggested that you register with the College Health Centre via this web link:

If you’ve done all that…

It sounds like you’re ready to arrive… You will probably want to check out the Arrivals information, as well as plans for events, and to stay in touch via the Facebook Group.