Hall Committee

The Hall Committee manages the Halls’ events budget and plans all social aspects of the Hall. The Committee is run in accordance with the Standing Orders.

We encourage all residents to get involved and attend the Hall Committee, held fortnightly during term time.

What does the Committee do?

After Freshers’ Fortnight, the Committee is in charge of agreeing funds and approving social events that will occur in the Hall. If you have an event idea, come along and get funding!

The Committee is also a good environment to raise any other concerns you may have in the Hall with the Wardens, who can then either act on them or pass your concerns on to the Hall Supervisors.


Each year we need to elect a Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. The jobs speak for themselves, and are voted on in the first meeting of the year. Minutes of the meetings are kept by the Secretary and stored on eWilson where all residents can see them. Anyone can turn up to meetings and vote on any proposals.


Events in the hall are funded both by event ticket sales and from a compulsory £2 per week contribution from rents. How this money is spent is up to you!


Minutes of all Hall Committee meetings are available for Residents to view on eWilson.