Freshers’ Fortnight 2019

Freshers’ Fortnight

Your Welcome to Wilson House, Imperial College and London

We have a fun-filled packed fortnight of events lined up for everyone moving in to Wilson in September/October. There will be many, many different things going on across College – many of them clashing – but we hope to provide something for everyone and hope that you will be able to get involved in some, if not all of our events.

Halls run the most comprehensive set of events lasting a Fortnight; you’re encouraged to get involved with these as much as possible. Halls are where you find friends outside your course, residents are the people you’ll be living with all year, and it’s where you find people to live with in future years. The Union, and Constituent Unions (like the ICSMSU, RCSU, CGCU and RSMU) will also run events, as well as Departments. Pick and choose what suits you best, but most importantly – just get involved! Don’t forget: everyone is new. Don’t be afraid to join in!

Wilson House Freshers’ Fortnight

Wilson House Freshers’ Pass: The Freshers’ Pass includes access to all Wilson House events including the Boat Party, Brick Lane feast, Freshers’ Dinner, Mini-Golf and the Aroma Buffet. Please make sure you buy a pass in order to attend these events – this heavily subsidised pass represents a huge saving of £20+. You can buy your passes here: Wilson House Freshers’ Passes

Note: This pass not the same as the ICSMSU “Medics’ Pass”

Upcoming Events